What can we do for you?

Whatever is your language need, LanguageLane can help you with its varied services:

Text translation (any format). Whether they are few pages to deliver urgently or large volumes of work to be translated by a team, we have the competence to fulfil your requirements.

Translation Packs designed both for businesses facing the global market for the first time, and companies that want to update their product range. Packs are the out-of-the-box translation solution to avoid the complex calculations of tariffs, pages, lines and words usually offered by other translation service providers.

"International Office" solution to have a person of our staff at your disposal to get real-time translations of your international correspondence and information material with formatting, to call your foreign partners or customers, to organize conference calls and much more.

Business English Courses for individuals or groups, also through conference calls to learn the language really spoken in the working environment. The classes are totally adjustable according to your working field or communication needs: Speaking in public, manage a project, reach an agreement, take part in a conference.

Keywords localization: We know the visibility of your website and your Apps is crucial and we take care of it through a specific study. They call them "key words" and there must be a reason for that! We don't treat them like any other word. We choose the terms related to your business that are most researched in the web to increase your visibility.

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