Discover our working process! Select a step.
1) Project Management
The documents to be translated are entrusted to a project manager who is in charge of the job until the final delivery to the customer. The PM is a reliable and qualified referee for the client, he/she knows the project in details and follows its process in every step. It is him/her who contacts the most suitable translator or, for wide projects, creates a translation team making sure that everybody knows the text features, the target and the client's specific requests.
2) Translation
The translator (or the translators) pays special attention to the linguistic form to provide a text that fits the situation, the function and the target identified by the client. Consistency is guaranteed by a work method focused on the terminology check. Thanks to dedicated software, the translation process keeps the document layout unaltered without changing the original format and graphic style. These tools allow us to translate: Documents with layout (in any format); different types of software; web pages ready to be published on-line.
3) Revision
After translation all the materials are revised by professional reviewers or by translators different from those who made the translation. The reviewer keeps constantly in contact with the translator of the text to provide quality results and he/she employs a state-of-the-art technology for the language and terminology quality check. During this step, the documents formatting and graphic layout are also checked as they must reproduce the original ones.
4) Project Delivery
In the end, the documents go back to the project manager who checks all the steps and send the translations to the client.
The service we provide does not end with the delivery! The translated documents are stored in the client's profile with utmost attention to the privacy of your data (Read more about our Privacy Policy). In this way, keeping track of the work done, we can guarantee terminology and stylistic consistency in future projects, even months after the first translation.
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