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  • OmegaT Scripts: a Script to Merge or Split Segments
    OmegaT script gurus Kos Ivantsov, Yu Tang and Dimitry Prihodko created a wonderful script that allows to merge or split a segment. This was the one feature that commercial
  • OmegaT Scripts: a Script for Activating the Source Segment
    This post describes how to use a small script that allows, using a keyboard key, to put the cursor in the source text of an active segment of the OmegaT editor. The script
  • OmegaT Scripts
    This is the first article of a series presenting some advanced features of the Computer Assisted Translation software OmegaT. Let's start with scripts , which are a way fo
  • How to align files with LF_Aligner
    In this post I will explain how to align two files through the open source software LF_Aligner . At the end of the alignment process, this software produces a tmx file, th
  • Excel tables embedded in Word or PowerPoint files
    Often Microsoft Word (.docx) or Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) files contain table produced as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and embedded in the file. If we translate these .
  • Working in team with OmegaT through a Shared Folder
    This post describes how to work in team using the computer assisted translation software OmegaT. [Leggi questo articolo in italiano] In order to work in team, you need to
  • Infix: The Solution for PDF files
    Who has never thought that translating a pdf was hell? But often hell begins much earlier: You are required to provide a quote for a translation whose length is undefined
  • OmegaTagAdapt
    I wrote a small utility for performing two simple tasks when translating using OmegaT . I called it OmegaTagAdapt and it does 2 simple tasks: Replaces the tags of the TM e
  • Our Blog
    This is the LanguageLane translators weblog. [ Leggi questo articolo in italiano ] LanguageLane  provides multilingual translations and specific language solutions like la
  • LanguageLane Search tool
    The page  Dictionary Search Tool   a llows you to access a set of useful online resources for translators and editors (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, terminology databases

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