A small utility for OmegaT

I wrote a small utility for performing two simple tasks when translating using OmegaT.

I called it OmegaTagAdapt and it does 2 simple tasks:

  1. Replaces the tags of the TM entry with the tags of the source segment.
  2. Inserts group of tags all at once

This small application is written with AutoHotKey, so it can be used on Windows machines only.

It executes two small tasks and has a small configuration window to customize the keyboard shortcuts.

Note: This utility is just a small workaround for resolving a problem I had on some jobs. It is far from perfect. It will be removed from sourceforge when the omegaT developers or groovy gurus will insert functions and feature to adapt tags and to inserts tag groups.

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dasmi | Friday 11 July 2014 - 3:34 pm | | Translator tools | One comment